Coming early 2015 the apple watch makes a huge statemente, and yes the product is called “apple watch” not iwatch like previously anticipated by most in the apple fan base. The watch was unveiled along with the new Iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus on September 9th. The apple watch plays nice with your iOS 8 Iphone 5,5s,6, and 6 plus. The apple watch starts at $349 prices will vary depending on the model of apple watch you get, it’s available in watch, sport, and edition. the days of having to take out your phone to check notifications are over, apple watch brings easy user friendly interaction with your social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, and so much more. The apple watch dives into health with a heart meter and it’s motion detector reading how long you’ve been standing, running, and moving. The built in microphone allows you to use siri and respond to text messages quick and easy, and with the built in speaker you can answer call for a quick response. The smart watch display comes in two sizes measured by height: 38mm (1.5in) and 42mm (1.65in). the digital crown allows you to zoom into apps with ease and its also the home button. the conversation button adds a completely new way of interacting with your friends. when you press the conversation button you’ll get a display with all your friend which you could interact with, you could send them a quick sketch, or send them taps that only they can feel. And if that’s not personal enough send them your heartbeat in real time. The variety of Apple Watch bands come in Standard straps including Leather Loop that conceals magnets for easy fastening, the leather Modern Buckle and the leather Classic Buckle. There’s also a gym-friendly elastomer Sport Band. Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t go into great detail about the Apple Watch battery life, but he did hint that the smartwatch is designed to be “worn all day” and is “simple to charge at night.” Yesgeek brings you the release date and features of the apple watch.

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