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When i was a kid i remember watching the popular Disney channel original movie “Smart House”. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  In the movie the house cleaned, cooked, and entertained the family. The house was basically like a mother to the two children who had lost their mother and lived with their father who was struggling before moving to the smart house. Watching the movie ten years ago, i thought it would be impossible to ever own a house like that. Boy was i wrong!


Amazon made my dreams come true with their new Amazon echo.  The echo or “Alexa” as many call her, plays the same role as “Pat” from smart house. Alexa is a great smart home device, my day starts with her waking me up, while getting ready to start my day she reads me the latest news events, and then she estimates how long it will take me to get to work based on traffic conditions. When I arrive home she reminds me of things I have to do around the house like walk the dog and get a birthday present for my sister. She creates shopping lists that u can later check on your smart phone with your Alexa app. One of my favorite features is when she orders pizza for me; my friends couldn’t get enough of her that’s all anyone that comes over wants to talk about.

The good news is that anyone can turn their home into a smart home the echo is $179.99 and its Amazon’s bestselling product for last two years with an average rating of 4.4 stars and has over 43,000 customer reviews. The best part is that most of your smart devices at home are already compatible with the echo.

Amazon echo review

So what does the Amazon Echo do?

What makes the amazon echo such an amazing device is its integration with so many different smart home devices. For example if you have hue lights Alexa can turn them off and on and even set the brightness, and can even turn on specific lights like dining room lights or bed room lights. For music lovers she we can wake you up in the morning with your favorite song. You can play just about any song if you have amazon prime like i do, or if you don’t Alexa can also play music from Pandora, iHeartradio, Spotifiy, and just about any music app that you can think of. Echo is also compatible with most Smart tv’s and also with the Roku. She can raise the volume on your TV as well as change the channel. One of the places Alexa shines the brightest is in the kitchen giving you recipes, converting measurements, and even telling you how many calories found in the foods you prepare. When it comes to news the echo can be set up to give you the news that interest you, you choose what sources you want to get your daily briefing from, and what categories from politics to science the choice is yours. That’s the beauty of this device it’s compatibility, and its adaptability to connect with so many different devices that makes it feel like just one hub that seamlessly connects you’re entire home.  Amazon has done an outstanding job at moving our homes into the future. You can even play rock paper scissors with Alexa if you’re bored at home.

How it looks?

The amazon echo looks like a Bluetooth speaker the body feels heavy and very well built, the unit weighs a little over 2 pounds and is about 10 inches tall. the bottom half of the echo has small holes that distribute the sound, and this device is very loud, when playing music for the first time i couldn’t believe that this small device could produce this much sound, and it’s not just the amount of sound but the quality of sound. The top of the device has a ring that lights up in blue when Alexa is listening, and red when she’s muted or having connection issues. The top also spins allowing you to adjust the volume of the device manually. Finally at the very top of the device sits two buttons one of them is the mute button in case you don’t want Alexa picking up on your commands, and the action button that allows u to give commands right away without calling out the devices name. The echo has 7 microphones inside the upper body allowing you to give commands from anywhere you happen to be in the room.

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