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Computer Repair Miami
  • Great Service at yesgeek I use there computer repair services often and it's good to have a geek you can trust. They've helped us remove viruses from our computers and recover deleted files quickly and affordable

    Asher Sobie
  • I needed to get a laptop screen repaired because it fell off the bed and cracked the screen. Luckily I found YesGEEK We've been using them for a while. There close to my office in brickell and do a great job every time

    Robert Stocken
  • Recently had my entire hard drive recovered by YesGEEK. Not only was all my data recovered but it was transferred to a new drive and put into my computer. It's like no problem ever occurred. Amazing job

    Kent Gallego
  • They were friendly knowledgeable and quick which was my main concern. I would highly recommend their phone repair services to all my friends, you guys did a great job thanks. Best iPhone repair Miami

    Stacy Conde
  • AMAZING SERVICE!!! It took five minutes and although I was convinced it was my screen that was damaged Yes Geek was extremely honest and informed it was only my screen protector! Great job guys

    Silviana Guerra
  • These guys are great. I have twice broken my work (and only) phone. These guys are quicker than my IT dept. They just fixed my screen which was damaged from water and dropping in 30 minutes.

    Mark Crofton